Hi there, I’m Nkwuka Chiedu, a life-long engineer and knowledge aficionado, seeker of the unique and the undiscovered, the eclectic and the avant-garde.

Depending on the context, I’m an ICT Expert, Audiovisual Integrator, Media Maven, Angel Investor, Business Advisor and Trusted Opinion Leader.

I like to describe myself as working at the intersection of money💰, media🎙 and technology🖥 to create and sustain transgenerational impact. ⏳💎🚀💪

You’re welcome to my website where you can learn about me, connect with me, learn about my causes (and hopefully partner, too).

Pls feel free to shoot me a mail anytime at contact@nkwukachiedu.com.ng and don’t forget to subscribe to my newsletter, too where I’ll only send you useful tips and tidbits from time to time.

Onwards and Upwards >>>